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Materials Description Bin / Location
White Paper Printer paper, adding machine paper, copy paper, typing paper, accounting ledgers, white envelopes (no windows), index cards White bins in E & G facilities
Mixed Paper Newsprint,carbonless forms, magazines, directories and phone books, colored paper, post-it notes, window envelopes, ream wrappers, books Gray bins in E & G facilities
Cans & Bottles Aluminum or steel cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles, caps or lids Blue bins in vending areas, lounges, cafeterias, break rooms, and hallways
Cardboard  Corrugated cardboard boxes Green dumpsters around campus
Fluorescent Lights Unbroken only Deliver to facility on Eastern Ave.
Non-Collectibles  Black carbon paper, food wrappers, paper towels, tissue paper, grocery bags, pencils Regular trash

 Recycling Containers