Central Supply

Central Supply Manager: Bill Thompson - 575-6172

Central Supply Stores - 575-3840
Our stores division stocks a wide line of repetitively used commodities such as automotive parts, batteries, housekeeping supplies, chemicals, cleaners, floor finishes, paper towels (including kitchen roll towels sold by the roll), mops, brooms. We also stock lamps, both fluorescent and incandescent, and some specialty lamps. Paint and painting accessories are also in stock and much more.

Purchasing - Arthur Maton, Buyer Supervisor - 575-8460
A fully qualified purchasing staff processes all procurement requirements for the Facilities Management needs. The Facilities purchasing staff can assist in sourcing unique maintenance and construction related materials including state contract items.

Special Setup Equipment Rentals - Ryan Shepard, Special Setups Supervisor - 575-6167
Provides a variety of special equipment (such as tents, smokers, stereo equipment, flags, tables, chairs, public address systems, speakers, slide projectors, etc.) colleges, departments, recognized university organizations, and student groups. Setup and removal service is also available. Barricades are also available. To reserve equipment call 575-3840 or reserve online.

Storage and Receiving - There are charges to offset costs of storage and receiving of materials for campus departments other than Facilities Management. CESU storage and handling rates: 

- Storage Rates are $0.50 per square foot/per month or $5.00 per square foot/per year. View the Storage Rental Agreement.

- Receiving Rates - Will be based on the current charge out rate for CESU Receiving personnel, with a handling charge based upon the actual time expended per person and rounded to the quarter hour. In the event that more than one receiving person is required, the charge will be based on Personnel x Charge Out Rate x Actual Time rounded to the quarter hour. The concerned campus department will need a Facilities Management work order number to which the receiving charges may be applied. Access the Central Supply Receiving Request form here.

Campus Lost & Found - Campus Lost & Found is located in Facilities Management Central Supply at 521 S. Razorback Road, Fayetteville, AR 72701. Business hours are 7:30am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday. Students, faculty, staff and visitors are encouraged to visit our online log to determine if your property has been turned in or reported. If it appears that your property has been logged, you may inquire at (479) 575-4494 or e-mail lost@uark.edu.