Carpet Condition

Carpet Condition Survey


5. NEW or LIKE NEW condition, no wear
. ALMOST NEW condition; light traffic pattern wear
3. AVERAGE condition, showing some noticeable wear in traffic lanes, under chairs, good condition overall
2. WORN condition, still serviceable, heavy wear in traffic lanes and under chairs
WORN OUT, some places worn through to backing, needs replacement


ADMN Administration Building
ADSB Administrative Services Building
AFLS Agricultural, Food, and Life Sciences Building
AGRI Agriculture Building
AGRX Agriculture Annex
ALUM Janelle Y. Hembree Alumni House
ARKA 410 Arkansas (formerly Speech and Hearing Clinic)
ARKU Arkansas Union - Treasurer's Office
ARMY Army ROTC Building
ASUP Academic Support Building
BALL E.J. Ball Building
BAND Lewis E. Epley Jr. Band Hall
BELL Bell Engineering Center
BIOR Biomass Research Center
BKST University Bookstore


CCHP Central Utility Plant - Central Chilled Water Plant 
CHBC Chemistry and Biochemistry Research Building 
CHEM Chemistry Building
CHPN Champions Hall
CSRC Cato Springs Research Center
DAVH Davis Hall
DUNS 13 North Duncan South
ECEN One East Center
ECHP Epley Center for Health Professionals
ENGR Engineering Hall
ENRC Engineering Research Center
ENTR Enterprise Center
FAMA Facilities Management
FELD Field House
FNAR Fine Arts Center
GACS Garland Avenue Shops
GEAR Gearhart Hall (formerly Ozark Hall)
GIBX Gibson Annex (Multimedia Resource Center)
GLBL Global Campus
GRAD Graduate Education Building 
GRAS Graham South
HAPG Harmon Avenue Garage
HEAT Central Utility Plant - Heating Plant
HILL Hillside Auditorium

HLTH Pat Walker Health Center 
HOEC Human Environmental Sciences Building
HOTZ Hotz Hall
HPER Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Building
HUNT Silas H. Hunt Hall


INOV Innovation Center
JBHT J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. Center for Academic Excellence
JTCD Jean Tyson Child Development Center
KIMP Kimpel Hall 
KUAF Lynn and Joel Carver Center for Public Radio
LISA Library Storage Annex
LSAD Leflar Law Center - Waterman Hall, Robert A. and Vivian Young Law Library
MAIN Old Main
MCHS McIlroy House (University Press)
MCNL McNalley House (Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange)
MEEG Mechanical Engineering Building
MEMH Memorial Hall
MLKA 1564 W. MLK, Jr. (Building Services Annex)
MLKG 1424 W. MLK, Jr. (Old Credit Union)
MULN David W. Mullins Library
MUSC George and Boyce Billingsley Music Building 
NANO Nanoscale Material Science and Engineering Building
NCRE National Center for Reliable Electrical Power Transmission
NODU 13 North Duncan Avenue (North)


PEAH Peabody Hall
PHYS Physics Building
POSC John W. Tyson Building
PTSC Plant Sciences Building
RCED Donald W. Reynolds Center for Enterprise Development
ROSE Harry R. Rosen Alternative Pest Control Center 
SOA2 Soil Testing Annex 2 (Variety Testing)
SODU 16 South Duncan
STH1 Stonehenge Apartments - building 1
STH2 Stonehenge Apartments - building 2
STON Edward Durell Stone House - north
STOS Edward Durell Stone House - south
SUST Sustainability House
SUZM Suzuki Music School of Arkansas
TEST Testing Services
UNHS University House
WAAX West Avenue Annex
WALK Vol Walker Hall
WATR Leflar Law Center - Waterman Hall, Robert A. and Vivian Young Law Library
WCOB Business Building
WJWH Willard J. Walker Hall 

Questions regarding carpet condition should be forwarded to Keith Roberts.