Construction Services

Construction Services provides skilled crafts persons to execute on-campus construction funded by the requesting campus customer's discretionary funds budget. Additionally, Construction Services provides skilled crafts-persons to support, on an as needed basis, the mission of the maintenance zones for E&G buildings section of Facilities Management, including Capital Renewal projects.
Manager: Kelley Sharp - FAMA C111, Phone: 5-5470, Cell: 879-3564
Construction Coordinator: Warren Pingel - FAMA C113, Phone: 5-7651, Cell: 871-4746

The Construction Services team consists of the following shops: Carpentry, Electric, Environmental Compliance, Labor, Paint, Plumbing

Carpenter Shop - Carpentry, Cabinetry, Locks & Keys

Shop Foreman: Jack Wills - FAMA 107B, Phone: 5-6212
Shop Address: FAMA 107B, Shop Phone: 5-6169

  • General carpentry, construction including framing, installation of drywall
  • Ceilings including, lay in tile, hidden spline, drywall, and plaster
  • Roof installation, repair and replacement
  • Cabinetry services including, custom wall and base cabinets, furniture and fixtures, wall paneling, etc.
  • Floor covering installation, repair and replacement including, carpet, wood, composition, and ceramic surfaces
  • Locks and keys, installation, change, repairs
  • Installation, repair, replacement of doors, door closers, windows, and related accessories
  • Concrete and brick masonry services including original construction, repairs, and tuck pointing
  • Maintains, updates and repairs the campus Senior Sidewalk system

Electric Shop - Electric Cabling, Low Voltage, Campus Lighting, Motors & Generators

Shop Foreman: Rodney Hughes - FAMA 102C, Phone: 5-6162
Assistant Foreman: Randall Ramey - FAMA 102C, Phone: 5-6163

  • Installation of maintenance of general secondary wiring for electrical (including panel boxes), signal, lighting fixtures, and final connections for same including home runs to the panel boxes
  • Installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems, smoke detectors, and related services
  • Installation and maintenance of security systems
  • Installation and maintenance of DSX and GE card access systems
  • Installation and fusion splicing of fiber optic systems
  • Computer network wiring installation and related services
  • General testing, inspection services, trouble shooting, in the process of repairs and upgrade of existing systems, and/or written recommendations
  • Repair and overhaul of most electrical motors, and non-automotive generators

Environmental Compliance -

Shop Foreman: Jack Wills - FAMA 107B, Phone: 5-6212
Shop Address: FAMA 105CB, Shop Phone: 5-6169

  • Complete asbestos testing and abatement services
  • Piping insulation services
  • Maintenance of campus asbestos material location database and files
  • Assist the Campus Hazardous Materials Response Team

Labor Shop -

Shop Foreman: Ronnie Davenport - FAMA 105A, Phone: 5-6164

  • Labor Shop furnishes general labor and heavy equipment operation services campus wide
  • Licensed vehicle drivers for departmental heavy equipment, large truck fleet and campus rental fleet
  • Moving of equipment, furnishings, and accessories for campus departments on a "for hire" basis
  • Transport and install road barricades, signs, and shoulder flagging to protect campus landscape and grounds during major campus events on a "for hire" basis

Paint Shop - Painting, Signs, Engraving Services

Shop Foreman: Alex Ford - FAMA 106, Phone: 5-6168

  • Prepares gypsum board partitions including taping, floating in preparation for staff personnel to paint, apply custom texturing, or wall coverings of all types
  • Prepares and installs traffic control signage and crosswalk and parking makings on campus streets and parking lots
  • Prepares exterior building identification signs
  • Prepares and installs interior signage, both painted and engraved
  • Prepares banners and other forms of large notice information formats via the silk screen of stencil cutting processes
  • Prepares and installs signage for application to campus vehicles
  • Prepares engraved custom awards such as trophies, plaques for the campus at large

Plumbing Shop - Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Shop Interim Foreman: Kelley Sharp - FAMA 104A, Phone: 5-6165

  • Maintains campus central natural gas distribution system
  • Maintains and reads the campus gas and water meters
  • Maintains the campus central water distribution system, the campus sanitary sewer system, the campus storm sewer system, and installs new lines and connections as needed
  • Sheet Metal services capable of forming special need air conditioning ductwork, gutters, metal flashing, and various custom and precision sheet metal work for the campus at large
  • Welding services include gas, arc and Gas Tungsten Arc (TIG). Also available are brazing, soldering services
  • All of these services are available for repair and assembly of specialty shapes required for all our campus customers needs
  • Metal Machining precision custom parts, with lathe and milling machines, as required by Facilities Management's maintenance mission, and for our campus customers at large
  • Plumbing Services include repair of water, sewer, and specialty delivery systems and related fixtures that are outside the scope of Facilities Management Zone Maintenance crew's mission
  • We can also provide complete rough in and finish out services for new construction projects. These services are available to all campus customers
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Services include testing and repair of existing and new building HVAC systems, including controls and balancing building ventilation, cool air, and heating delivery systems
  • Provides maintenance, repair, and installation of equipment such as refrigerators, cooling chambers, ice machines, growth chambers, etc. that are not a part of the building proper