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Work Induction, Cost Estimating, Material Ordering/Receipt, & Scheduling (WIES)---Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

WIES has adopted a new two-tiered process for all estimate requests. This process will allow the client to decide which style is needed based on the intended use of the cost estimating request. A Preliminary Project Cost Assessment (PPCA) and/or Detailed Construction Cost Estimate (DCCE) are the two avenues that will be utilized in the production of a cost estimate for all clients.

A Preliminary Project Cost Assessment (PPCA) is an assessment derived from an estimator's professional experience and the comparison of historical data of similar projects. Furthermore, a PPCA is a cost range based on a quick evaluation, produced without benefit of architectural drawings, detailed investigations, and/or material take-off sheets. A PPCA is NOT a guaranteed price and, as such, if the client elects to proceed with construction at this point in the process, the client would be liable for the actual labor and material costs incurred to complete the project. Typically, a PPCA will be within plus/minus 20% of the actual cost of a project upon completion of the work. The actual costs may be higher or lower than the PPCA. Based on a PPCA, work can only be performed upon receipt of an open purchase order.

A Detailed Construction Cost Estimate (DCCE) is derived from a detailed scope of work, complete set of engineering and architectural drawings, material take-off sheets, and site investigations (this may include heating and air requirements, electrical services, plumbing needs, computer or audio-visual requirements, potential hazardous materials, and interior elements such as paint, carpet and window coverings depending on scope of work). This type of cost estimate is initiated on the request of the client. The client will be provided with a design cost proposal in order for Facilities Management to secure financing to proceed with the design work involved in the project. A fixed purchase order number will be required in advance of any work related to the preparation of a DCCE, for all charges up to the design cost proposal total. Any charges incurred will be billed at the actual cost of developing the estimate and not-to-exceed the design cost proposal.

If the client elects to proceed to construction based on the DCCE, then this becomes a fixed-cost estimate where FAMA will deliver the scope of work agreed upon in advance at this not-to-exceed, maximum cost. If there are any additions/deletions to the initial scope of work then the maximum price must be adjusted up or down to reflect these changes. A fixed-price cost estimate means that FMD will deliver the agreed-upon scope of work at that price, covering any cost overruns out of FAMA resources. Should there be any resources remaining once the full scope of work has been completed then these resources would be returned to the client upon project completion.

The process for an estimate request submittal is as follows:

  • Client will initiate the request via the service / estimate request form and complete and submit selecting Estimate under the Request Type section.
  • Client will be issued a Service Request number for tracking purposes.
  • Client will then be contacted by a staff member within WIES to set appointment time.
  • Estimator will refer to Design group to begin DCCE or continue on with PPCA.
  • If DCCE is required, Design will request a Design only Fixed Purchase Order from client.
  • Upon completion and approval, estimator will complete work on DCCE.
  • If a DCCE is not required, the estimator will provide a PCCA price for the client (usually for budgetary purposes).
  • Client will then approve submittal from estimator.
  • If PCCA, client will provide an open Purchase Order number in order to begin construction.
  • If DCCE, client will provide a fixed-cost Purchase Order number in order to be construction.
  • Work will be scheduled to accommodate client's schedule.
  • Work will begin with over-site from FAMA Construction Coordinator.
  • Upon completion of DCCE construction project, any unutilized portion of the fixed-cost PO for the project will be returned to the client.

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