Engineering & Construction

Senior SidewalkDirector, Engineering & Construction: Dan Clairmont - 575-6192
Administrative Specialist: Ann Carrell - 575-6272

MISSION: Engineering & Construction is a customer-driven division of Facilities Management that provides the skills to perform on-campus construction projects. Campus customers may request renovations or new construction projects, the results of which will not modify or replace a major facility system component or major system.

We provide engineering, construction, capital renewal projects, and capital project management services on projects as requested by our campus customers and paid for with the customer's discretionary funds or campus plant funds accounts. Design & Construction Services also supports the maintenance of educational and general purpose buildings mission of the Facilities Management operations as needed. See also Charges for Design Services.

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Visit our Campus Projects page for a list of ongoing projects around campus.

The following Fayetteville Policies and Procedures have recently revised: Time Allowances for Initiation of Construction, Construction Changes Directives, Construction Change Order Proposals, and Portable Buildings on Campus.