Razorback Recycling

Razorback Recycling

Recycling Coordinator: Gary Enzor
Ph.: 575-3028, Office: PPRC, Bldg. 1

Hours: 7:30am to 4:00pm, Monday-Friday

The University of Arkansas recycling center, better known as Razorback Recycling, is located at 434 Eastern Avenue just north of PMC Solutions on Mitchell Street. Please see our Recycling Guide for the list and proper placement of recyclable materials.

Services: Razorback Recycling is responsible for the collection, processing, storage, and marketing of all recyclable materials in educational and general purpose (E & G) facilities. Recycling services may be purchased by campus auxiliaries, student living groups, and recognized University organizations. The department also manages the operations of campus solid waste management in providing scheduled solid waste collection and disposal services for E & G facilities and offering purchased services to campus auxiliaries and student living groups. See also a list of Recycling Resources, view the Recycling Bin Standards on Campus, or use the Recycling Pickup Request Form to setup new service.

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RECYCLING 60 Sec from UARK Wellness on Vimeo.

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