Outdoor Space Reservations

Facilities Management manages outdoor space reservations for the majority of campus including locations such as Old Main lawn, Union Mall, the Gardens, and more. The reservation process varies slightly depending on event details but will typically take a week to process. For full details about event regulations, review the Facility Use Policy

Submit a reservation request to outdoors@uark.edu or call us at 479-575-6441 for more information.

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Outdoor space reservation requests are assessed by Facilities Management for safety concerns and  the possibility of damage to University facilities or grounds. Additional approvals may be necessary depending on the details of the event, including a security assessment performed by UAPD. 

Before submitting the request, check the availability of the space on the day of your event on our event reservation calendar. If your desired space is not available at that time, we are happy to help you find another suitable location.  Once we have all the necessary information, requests are typically processed in a week. You will receive confirmation of your event via email from the Outdoor Reservation Office. 

A few locations, such as One East Center (ECEN)  and The Gardens also have specific usage policies you should review prior to your event.

Submit a reservation request

Additional Information

Additional information regarding commonly made requests is provided below. If you have any questions not answered here, please contact the Outdoor Reservations Office at outdoors@uark.edu.

Yard signs requests are accepted and a list of approved locations can be provided.  Signs that are posted in unacceptable locations, not picked up, or not authorized may be removed by Facilities Management staff.  Yard signs are subject to the Exterior Signs and Publicity on Campus policy.

For parking accommodations, please contact Transit and Parking at least two weeks prior to your event at 479-575-3304 or 479-575-4970. More information about special event parking can be found on the Transit and Parking website

If you need access to the sidewalks or hardscape for your event, please submit a campus sidewalks and grounds permit request form with your reservation request.  Any vehicles parked on sidewalks or hardscape that is not a parking spot requires prior approval and a signed permit from the reservations office. Any vehicles that are illegally parked are subject to ticketing and/or towing. View the Vehicles on Campus Sidewalks and  Hardscape policy for full details. 

The Facilities Management Special Spetup and Equipment Rental team can provide an assortment of equipment rentals for your event including chairs, tables, stages, and more.  Some fees may apply. 

 Facilities Management oversees tailgating reservation requests on non-athletic property only.  All other requests should be direction to Athletics

Outdoor Reservation Calendar