Central Supply Stores & Receiving

Central Supply provides various services including materials receiving and dry-goods storage for campus customers.  For more information or to rent storage space, contact Central Supply (CESU) at 575-3840.

Central Supply Stores

The Central Supply Stores stocks a wide line of repetitively used commodities. Those wishing to purchase an item should contact Central Supply at 575-3840. Some of the items we carry include:

  • automotive parts
  • batteries
  • housekeeping supplies
  • floor finishes
  • lamps
  • paint and painting accessories
  • and more 

Dry-Goods Storage

Facilities Management offers dry goods storage at our off-campus storage units. The site consists of a warehouse and limited outside storage that can be arranged by special request on a case by case basis. Our facility is located at 701 Government Avenue, just off Sixth Street south of the main campus. 

The warehouse (GAW1) consists of 20,000 gross square feet (GSF) of heated storage spaces and has fire and access security in place. Storage space is currently available to campus customers only. 

There are charges to offset costs of storage and receiving of materials for campus departments other than Facilities Management. Storage Rates are $0.50 per square foot/per month or $5.00 per square foot/per year. Additional details can be found in the Storage Rental Agreement.

Materials Receiving

Campus customers may submit a Central Supply receiving request to schedule the receipt of labor, labor and storage, or labor and delivery. 

Receiving rates are based on the current charge out rate for CESU Receiving personnel, with a handling charge based on the charge out rate for CESU Receiving personnel, with a handling charge based upon the actual time expended per person and rounded to the quarter hour. In the event that more than one person is required, the charge will be based on Personnel X Charge Out Rate X Actual Time rounded to the quarter hour. 

Those needing receiving services should complete the form below. After filling out the form, you will be directed to review your answers. You must confirm your submission at this step for your form to be processed.