Key Office

Working keys for university buildings and rooms, except student housing and food service, are issued by the Key Office. Gate openers and bollard keys are also available to contractors or other campus entities with the proper documentation. For full details regarding the campus key guidelines, review the University of Arkansas Key Policies and Procedures (409.3)


The policies below are for education and general purpose (E&G) buildings. Those needing keys for Auxiliaries, such as housing and athletics, should contact those offices for more information about their policies. 


Once your event has been approved, keys can be picked up with a deposit on the day before or day of an event. If an event falls on the weekend, keys can be picked up the Friday or last workday before the scheduled event. 

  • A copy of the event approval must be provided for keys to be issued. 
  • A key deposit must be paid by card or check at the time of pickup. This will be refunded when the key(s) are returned.
    • $50 key deposit for members of the campus community
    • $150 key deposit for noncampus entities

Campus Community

Faculty, staff, or students needing keys for buildings or offices should do so through the Facilities Management Key Office.  The key authorization paperwork must be signed by the appropriate departmental official before a key can be issued. Keys are issued to individuals only and become the responsibility of the individual.

The individual receiving the key(s) must:

  • Personally pick up the key(s)
  • Present a valid University of Arkansas ID card
  • Sign the key authorization card acknowledging receipt and responsibility for the use of the key(s)
  • Key(s) must be picked up within 30 days of card issuance or the card become invalid

Contractors and JOCs

Contractors and JOCs who have completed the necessary project documentation, including the Key Authorization form,  and have receiving approval may pick up the necessary keys from the Key Office. 

  • Restricted keys, including roofs, high voltage, tunnels, and elevators, will require Director approval prior to release.
  • Keys must be returned no later than 60 days after the project's substantial completion date, unless an extension is approved by the coordinator, or whenever final payment is requested, whichever is sooner.
  • Keys will not be issued for longer than one year without verifying accountability, in person, to confirm the contractor maintains possession of the key(s).  Contractors must renew the keys after one year with the Key Office. Any employee of the general contractor may renew the keys with identification.
  • Keys renewed more than 30 days late (whether at annual renewal or upon project completion) will incur a flat $125 fee per key for each 30 days they are late. 
  • Subcontractors may not directly check out keys.


Other Contractors and Vendors

Contractors or vendors  needing keys to athletics or auxiliary properties should contact those offices for their procedures. Facilities Management only provides keys for E&G facilities.  

General contractors authorization form 

Bollard and Gate Openers

Bollard and gate openers are provided by the Facilities Management Key Office on either a permanent or temporary basis to Facilities Management employees, University departments, and University approved contractors, vendors, or organizations. Fees or deposits may apply.

Full details are available in the Campus Gate Opener/Bollard Key Policies and Procedures