Recycling & Waste

The University of Arkansas Recycling Center, better known as Razorback Recycling, is responsible for the collection, processing, storage, and marketing of all recyclable materials in educational and general purpose (E & G) facilities. The department also manages the operations of campus solid waste management in providing scheduled solid waste collection and disposal services for E & G facilities.

Recycling and waste services may be purchased by campus auxiliaries, student living groups, and recognized University organizations. 

Additional questions regarding recycling and waste may be directed to Recycling Coordinator Gary Enzor (575-3028).  For more information about the University's sustainability efforts, visit the Office for Sustainability website.

Recycling guide

 Various bins are located around campus for recyclable materials. A breakdown of which materials go in each bin is provided below, and many bins are labeled by their designated use.

Bin and Locations

White paper

Printer paper, adding machine paper, copy paper, typing paper, accounting ledgers, white envelopes (no windows), index cards

White bins in E&G facilities

Mixed paper

Newsprint, carbonless forms, magazines, directories and phone books, colored paper, post-it notes, window envelopes, ream wrappers, books

Gray bins in E&G facilities

Cans and bottles

Aluminum or steel cans, plastic bottles, caps or lids

Blue bins in vending areas, lounges, cafeterias, break rooms and hallways


Corrugated, paperboard, and Kraft paper

Green dumpsters around campus


Black carbon paper, food wrappers, paper towels, tissue paper, grocery bags, pencils

Regular trash


Recycling Pickup Request

For those departments that continually generate material, Razorback Recycling offers periodic pickup or service requests. Please complete the form below and someone in the recycling center will contact you as soon as possible concerning your request.