Current On-call Professionals

Our on-call professions are awarded one year contracts with ability to renew for four years. Notices for professional services contracts are advertised in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette and through the RFQ listserv

On-Call Professionals


Modus Studio (2020-2024)

AMR Architects (2021-2025)

Steelman Connell Moseley (SCM) Architects (2021-2025)

Core Architects (2022-2026)

Hufft Projects (2022-2026)

Miller Boskus Lack (MBL) (2022-2026)

Civil Engineers

DCI, Inc. (2019-2023)

McClelland Consulting Engineers, Inc. (2019-2023)

Olsson (2022-2026)

Halff Associates, Inc. (2022-2026)


Cromwell Architects and Engineers (2020-2024)

Bernhard (2020-2024)

Pinnacle Energy Group (2020-2024)

Entegrity (2021-2025)


Environmental Services

Environmental Enterprise Group (2021-2025) 

Geo-Technical Services

GTS, Inc. (2021-2025)

Building and Earth Sciences, Inc. (2022-2026)

Grubbs / Hoskyn / Barton / Wyatt, Inc. (2022-2026)

McClelland Consulting Engineers Inc. (2022-2026)

MEP Services

BTME Inc. (2020-2024)

Pettit & Pettit (2020-2024)

Henderson Engineers, Inc. (2021-2025)

Prigm Engineering (2021-2025)