Utilities and HVAC Information

Campus Utilities and Building Climate Services is responsible for managing the procurement, production, and distribution of utilities for heating and cooling the campus, through the production of steam, chilled water and compressed air. Campus Utilities and Building Climate Services also consists of Building Systems Maintenance & Controls, and Utility Production & Distribution.

HVAC Scheduling

Heating and air conditioning systems in campus educational and general purpose buildings are set each semester according to class schedules. We modify temperature settings, procedures, and systems on off hours to develop appropriate energy efficient and safe building conditions. 

HVAC systems are set to fall within two seasonal ranges:

  • Summer: 71-75F 
  • Winter: 68-72F

Building occupants can adjust their thermostats to fall within these ranges. A typical thermostat will have three modes of operation:

  • Occupied - Facility is open and a space is normally occupied. Thermostat maintains within +-1 degree of the set point.
  • Standby - Normal occupied hours, the facility is open, but any single space or zone of control is not occupied based on an occupancy sensor. Thermostat maintains within +-3 degrees of the set point.
  • Unoccupied- Facility is closed or at times when no occupant would normally be in the space. Thermostat maintains within +-6 degrees of the set point.

For special events outside of normal business hours, a written request for a change must be forwarded to Facilities Management HVAC Scheduling (hvacsch@uark.edu) at least three working days prior to the scheduled event.